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Retail Store Cleaning

We can provide one-time or contract work, and allocate a dedicated member of staff to your retail store. Our DBS checked cleaners take pride in their work and will become a regular friendly face amongst your team members and other on-site staff. We can attend at pre agreed daily, weekly or monthly intervals. We offer fixed pricing on three, six or twelve month contract periods. Our Late Night, Evening and Weekends appointments reduce disruption to your business and our key holding service means that your customers won’t need to be disturbed.

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Shop Floor & Displays

We’ll sweep, vacuum and clean all floors and displays. We'll use wet floor signs to ensure the safety of your customers if we need to attend during working hours. We’ll also use trip hazard warning signs where necessary.

Cash Desk and Counters

We’ll dust, clean and polish all hard surfaces including cash desk counters, serving stations and food preparation areas. All our trusted team members work with complete confidentiality and are DBS checked.

Furniture and Furnishings

Furniture and Furnishings positioned in both customer facing and staff only areas will be dusted, vacuumed, cleaned and polished where necessary. We’ll water any plants or flowers, and can replace them too if needed.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Staff kitchens and all bathroom facilities will be cleaned paying specific attention to door handles and fronts, work surfaces and dining tables. We’ll sweep and clean all floors and remove any waste products which have been discarded.

High Touch Areas

We’ll disinfect all high touch areas including cash desk registers, telephone handsets, computer keyboards, doors and handles, banister rails, intercom systems and lift call pads using BS EN 1276 certified solutions killing 99.999% of bacteria.

Nothing is missed

Waste paper bins will be emptied and we can clean, organise and clear stock/store rooms where requested. We can remove large items of broken or unwanted furniture, donating these to charity where possible, or ethically disposing of them if not.

We can also provide:

Carpet & Upholstery
Painting and Decorating
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